Rock it like a BOSS Magazine

Shyrick Entertainment Group would like to introduce to you the next “BIGGEST & BADDEST” edition to their Promotions Arsenal

Rock it like a BOSS” quarterly entertainment electronic magazine is jam packed full of “in your soul “ entertainment articles from the : "who, what, when and where" of the hottest ON THE SCENE Artists, Hot Spots, Fashion and much much more!

4 Quarterly Issues: DEBUTING on the scene : Feb 14/ 2015

Spring Edition out on : FEB 14 ( article submission cut off Jan 7)
Summer Edition : May 15 ( article submission cut off April 7)
Fall Edition : August 15 (article submission cut off July 7)
Winter Edition : Nov. 15 (article submission cut off date Oct. 7)
Images which accompany articles must be high resoution with no less than 200 DPI ( Magazine Quality)

(Market : a product, a single release, tour dates, a CD – “ROCK IT LIKE A BOSS” IS the perfect tool to engage your audience )

ALL ARTICLES WILL ENJOY A SPACIOUS 2 PAGE SPREAD WITHIN THE MAGAZINE withInteractive publishing capabilities [ video, images , links, (Paypal) buttons and more ] to support that spontaneous shopping experience when you “ just got to have it. Now

You can embed Hyperlink, animative text, image gallery, audio file and Flash into the book page and create a life-like sense (Please direct inquiries to contact page )

Enjoy a MASSIVE GLOBAL AUDIENCE! This magazine will be promoted ON AIR at shyrick Dancehall radio, circulated In the News Pages of both . Also through out over 100 Facebook Groups that both Shyrick and Miami Musik Buzz network within as well as through out the entire networking channels of both organization's : Twitter and Google+ networks as well as and boosted by the efforts of TEAM SHYRICK our wonderfully dedicated networking affiliates !

That's a lot of bang for your promotion because here at SHYRICK ENTERTAINMENT , we help you “Rock it like a BOSS”

Contact us at / contact page to discuss how “Rocking it like a BOSS” fits your needs!