It has only been a short month since we have opened our newly re-fitted site here at  Miami Musik Buzz and we are amazed at the reception we are already getting... amid the construction and bug killing that is still going on, we have seen some enthusiastic numbers rolling in. We want to thank YOU  from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiasm! KEEP UP THE BUZZ ... make this site your own, shout out  on the shout boxes provided and if you want to contact us privately, drop us a note  in our contact forms. (Make a request, recommendations drop off  news stories, pics, concert posters or just simply say hi.)

A whopping 1008 visitors have been to our artists page in less than a month. Even our FEATURE ARTIST for this month MARCIA BALL  dropped in to say hi! Thanks MARCIA!

(Click on the image to get a closer look)

We have put up a HITS  Counter  showing who visited FOR THE DAY and we would like to welcome all our   international visitors and point out that there are translation boxes  added to pages  for YOUR  convenience! Because it is all about YOU  and we really appreciate your support!

It is good to see that our hard working Artists are getting a buzz going on and about them. Please feel free to share their profiles on your social networks, we are sure they would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your support! You can vote for your favorite artists with a poll we placed in the sidebar, our site also provides us with statistics on which artist was viewed the most even if you didn't vote  ( see image below)

Miami Musik Buzz is officially up and rolling, and this is just the beginning,  the team has a lot planned to launch this buzz even further, to keep things fresh and interesting for you the visitor, so keep comming back and see what more we have in store for you . BIG UP and HEART FELT  blessings to all of you!